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Signature Wellness System

Signature Wellness System

At Minnesota Integrative Health and Chiropractic our mission is to transform the health and lives in our community by focusing on all aspects of your health and life. As a Functional and Corrective Chiropractic practice, we believe in helping you live your best life.

Believe You Can Heal & Expect Miracles

Your Brain and Nervous System control your body’s ability to heal and function. While pain is what brings our patients in, less than 10% of your nerves go to pain while 90% go to how your body functions. We believe in miraculous healing as God created the body to be healed and restored. No matter how many medications, diseases, or chronic problems and injuries you have, we pray for healing over each and every one of our patients. We see amazing stories and testimonies.

Optimal Nervous System Function with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is designed to allow you to heal better and function better. Dr. Kim Tran and our team of chiropractors utilize a variety of chiropractic techniques to allow us to tailor a personalized care plan for each patient. As a corrective chiropractic practice, we do a thorough exam, consultation, nerve scan, and x-rays to get to the cause of your problems. Our techniques include diversified, Gonsted, Pettibon, Impulse Adjusting, Active Release Techniques, Thompson Drop Table, Flexion/ Distraction and much more. We believe in providing care based on correcting your spine to achieve the best results for our patients. We treat babies to patients over 100 years old.


Our bodies have evolved over many generations that is based on our ancestry. Our bodies have been designed to handle different environments. We don’t believe that one diet is right for all. We work with our patients to tailor specific eating plans, nutrition, and supplements to fit their specific health needs. We use comprehensive blood work and lab testing to determine each patient’s specific needs.

Oxygen & Exercise

Our bodies were meant to move every day. For optimal health, aim to exercise 30 minutes a day whether that is walking, biking, weight training, dancing, or another favorite activity.

Studies show that exercising 30 minutes a day is better than two depression medications in helping you to feel happier and less anxiety.

Minimizing Toxins

We are surrounded by toxins in our everyday life. From the air that we breath to the chemicals we clean our house with to the products you put on your skin, we believe you should always choose non-toxic, organic products.


Our own mindset can be the biggest setback in being healthy. We encourage each one of our patients to start the day with quiet time. Great options to start your day include journaling, planning out your day, working out, reading the Bible, devotional, and prayer. Having this quiet time is a great way to start your mindset on the right path for the day.

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