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Our Program Is Doctor Developed And
Administered. It Just Works!


Our cleanse stage helps your body to release over 79 different toxins that could be stored in your fat cells which are making it hard to lose weight. This phase will help to control cravings and make way for fat loss!


We customize the program to your unique body composition and metabolism to help you burn fat quickly and easily - UP TO 1 POUND PER DAY! Stubborn hormone sensitive fat will be eliminated and you will be left with a new, healthier body. No hunger. No exercise required. No dangerous drugs.


Stabilize for lifetime results. Our system is designed to naturally reprogram your body to no longer crave the unhealthy foods of the past. In addition your new, faster metabolism will continue to help you achieve or maintain a leaner, healthier body.

Amazing Results

lose 20 to 30 pounds in 30 days!

Our flagship program is our "30 Day Transformation" system. Because our program is doctor developed and administered we are able to tailor our program to the unique metabolism needs of each individual. That means we can achieve a higher than normal success rate because our program is not cookie cutter and generic.*

If you are like many of our success stories then you probably have been on every diet out there. Many of them offer some short term weight loss but the weight always comes back and sometimes you end up putting on more weight than you originally lost. The term we use for this endless chain of unsuccessful diets is called "professional dieter". Our plan is safe, doctor designed and administered, and can be sustained long term.* Also because our program does not require you to buy any special food or expensive products we are one of the most effective programs while also being one of the lowest priced programs there is.

How to get started with

Our "30 Day Transformation" Program

  1. 1. You come in for a free consultation where we will do a proprietary metabolic analysis.
  2. 2. Next we create a custom program based on your unique metabolic type. Don't worry this isn't one of those diets where we take away every food you love.
  1. 3. Lastly we prescribe a custom natural nutritional formulation to enhance your unique metabolism.

That's it! You work one on one with Dr. Kim Tran to ensure you implement our program to have maximum weight loss. It is not complicated and it's not hard. It is built on the framework of your unique metabolism which makes the process very scientific. Our patients experience rapid weight loss that stays off. No packaged foods, shots, or stimulant drugs. Plus you will find that our weight loss program is VERY inexpensive.

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reasons patients choose us

Our Program Is doctor Developed And Administered. It Just Works!

Our patients lose weight safely. Dr. Kim Tran is trained in functional medicine and assesses the unique metabolic needs of each patient to help them overcome their weight loss challenges.

Got Stubborn Fat Areas?

Our weight loss treatment targets the "stubborn fat" areas such as the hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. Where and how your body stores fat is a function of various metabolic and hormone imbalances. Dr. Kim Tran's approach is tailored to each individual's unique needs.

Long Term Health, Not Just a Fad Diet

Our plan is unique and we address the keys to long-term success weight loss. Our plan is safe and it incorporates a comprehensive anti inflammatory low calorie diet to improve health, reduce whole body inflammation and maximize the weight loss process.

We Look at What the Underlying Problem Causing This is

We understand that every person's physiology is unique and the weight gain can be caused by different factors. That is why when needed, we utilize advanced laboratory testing to identify markers for chronic disease, adrenal stress/insufficiency, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity and nutritional deficiencies. Through the research of Dr. Kim Tran, the tests that we recommend form the basis of our weight loss programs. They help patients identify early warning signs of diseases and confirm clinical diagnoses based on health history and symptoms.

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